Evolution of Lanyards

Posted by Elias 13/12/2015 0 Comment(s)

Lanyard literally means "a strap". Originally, lanyards were used to hook the required tools to free workers hands. That time lanyards were not even close to any type of promotional items, because cords were not printed with logos, names, contacts or slogans. There are two major types of lanyards: for necks or for wrists.


For example, horse riders attached whips to their wrists with the help of the ancient lanyards. Dragoons hanged sabers on their wrists with lanyards (see pic) to hold weapons firmly in the battle as well for a quick switching to firearms without losing time by putting sword back in its sheath. Subsequently lanyards became a part of the military uniform and performed not only battle functions, but also served as the decor attribute.


There are various types of cords and ribbons are used in the manufacturing of lanyards: leather, nylon, cotton, polyester, etc. In some cases, lanyards production was turned into work of art were precious and semi-precious materials can be used. Another type of such an art is decorative braided lanyards made of various types of leather cords. This fascinating activity has many fans around the world. In the present time lanyards are used for fastening badges, small electronic devices, keys, etc.


Companies, government agencies and individuals use them during promotions, presentations, various events and celebrations that make lanyards one of the elements of the corporate style.