TOP 4 gadgets with low MOQ of 250 pcs!

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TOP 4 gadgets with custom logo available to order this autumn


If you plan to purchase electronic gadgets for your business, we will give some professional advices about which products it is better to buy during this autumn. These items became bestsellers in the Asian market and thus will be popular around the world:

  1. Gloves made of wool with touch screen fingertips.
    They can be personalized according to the customers design.

  2. Stylish pen equipped with the USB flash drive and soft rubberized coating finish.
    Memory chip can be ordered up to 32GB.

  3. Travel plug adaptor for comfortable trips all around the world, with USB ports for recharging.
    Silicone logo can be customized.

  4. Portable battery charger pack from real 4000mAh to 10000 mAh.
    Made of ABS coated plastic and polished stainless steel. Beautiful valuable gift box made by custom design.

All products are already tested, approved and strongly suggested by our team and now they are available to order!


We ship all orders very fast with lowest shipping quotes possible.


Special shipping service: Battery packs or powerbanks can be shipped by air to USA and Europe. Delivery time is 4 days.