Classic Moleskine writing pads

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any custom cover of the moleskine notebook can be made according requirements

Dear friends! You have an opportunity to make the great souvenirs even for the very picky customer!


Classic Moleskine writing pads and various types of favorite notebooks of many artists or businessmen, students or designers all over the world, are now available for customized manufacturing with individual unlimited designs.


We manufacture classic and modern models of A5 and A6 sizes, using the highest quality materials, which we import from Netherlands, Japan and South Korea. You are welcome to create any design of the cover and customize inner parts with your corporate symbols or dedicate it to the remarkable dates, anniversary, national holidays, or make the own branded line of diary notepads.


Soft cover types are available. There are more than 10 different colors of the best PU leather or suede materials can be customized at client's choice. The quality of paper, bookmark strip and envelope are the highest standards. Every small details were taken into account to achieve the best possible result.


To make the order send us email [email protected] to recognize the best price for your order.


More info in the moleskine writing pad product description


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