Handcrafted metal kettles, teapots and Tetsubins

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Iron kettles silver kettles copper kettles nad teapots

Handcrafted metal kettles, teapots and Tetsubins

are very attractive items for any interior as well as functional additions to every cafe, restaurant or household kitchen. We are happy to offer three different types of metal kettles and teapots that are made of cast iron, pure copper or pure silver.

Cast iron kettles

Cast iron kettles teapots or "Tetsubin" (cast iron pots in Japanese) are made from pure cast iron, clean chemicals-free material, the most durable cookware ever, which can stay in excellent shape and serve at their best for hundreds of years.

Copper kettles

are built to last, you will be surprised with sturdiness, durability and elegant appearance of our full-copper kettles.

Pure Silver kettles

tend to be the best choice for the lighter teas such as white tea, green tea and oolong. Almost every kettle and every part of the kettles can be customized or kettle can be manufactured according to clients requirements and specifications.