Phone cases: Effective corporate gifts

Posted by Olga 13/09/2015 0 Comment(s)

Extra quality phone cases. Say no to the boring corporate gifts.

Products manufacturing in China as never before allowed to show imagination and creativity for marketers and advertising agencies. We always dissuade our clients from the producing of mediocre souvenirs with logo applications. Trust us its very painful for your customers to accept such an ordinary boring gifts!


Today I want to talk about the ordering of custom gift for cell phones.


Firstly, the covers may be made of plastic or TPU (similar to silicone) material with wide range of standard color choices.

It's also possible or even is the must to order your own custom color in accordance to Pantone.

  1. We can print all kinds of images on the top of the phone covers: tech drawings, cartoons or high resolution photos.
  2. All images can be made flat or multi-layered, convex or embossed in addition can be decorated with any fashion accessories elements such as stones or beads
  3. The finish layer can be velour feel (or rubber feel) clear coating with expensive satin effect!


Minimum Order Quantity is 300 pcs of the same model, same color, same design.


The opportunities of manufacturing are unlimited, send us your designs for price inquiries.