Grass flip flops

Grass flip flops

Grass Interior Flip-Flops


Unique design of sandals makes it to be the perfect gift for friends, children or become cool company promotion especially during hot summer days.


Leave your positive prints with each step on the sand!

These high quality beach sandals are constructed of multi-layered EVA and rubber foam. Highest grade of synthetic materials are used.
The grass immitation quality is exceptional: not only grass color looks very natural, but the plush surface effect - that's what your feet will love most of all!


You can order grass lip flops of any possible designs, shapes and sizes. You can pick-up all colors of these creative sandals. Sole pattern, messages or logos on its soles can be made according to desired designs.


Custom Order Details
Individual Package >1000 pcs

This product can be customized according to your specification

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