Metal sports badges

Metal sports badges

Metal badges with emblems of all styles


The badges strongly entered in our lives long time ago as distinctive emblems, differential signs, various group memberships, ranks, etc. Nowadays all banks and corporations use the metal badges to underline and mark their corporate culture, as well as different political parties, universities, schools, so on.


The sports committees produce the special metal badges for the Olympic games. Custom badges are the necessary product for anniversaries, festivals, concerts and other significant events.


We manufacture any types of badges of any complexity using such types of processing as stamping, plating, painting, die casting, enamel, etc.. We are always open for cooperation with event agencies and event organizers to help them in badges development and ordering!


Send us your design layouts and specifications. Here you can buy the sample of badges for your reference in the good quality of product!

Specifications of the Product
Material Metal
Color Any Color
Size Any size
Custom Order Details
Individual Package >1000 pcs
Custom Logo Printing Yes
Individual Design Manufacturing Yes

This product can be customized according to your specification

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