The bestselling aluminum pen of the year

Posted by Elias 04/05/2016 0 Comment(s)

aluminum anodized pen with custom laser logo

This pen is a real discovery for almost every promotion.


The office supplies, especially pens are one of the best promo products for doing business with. Our company can supply any type of pen, made of any materials of any color as well as unique additional items manufactured by your design. Bespoke stationary is available for custom ordering.


Today we would like to draw your attention to the one of the bestselling pens.


This pen has the solid anodized aluminum body and the high quality parts which make it very comfy to use. The lively variety of body colors attract customers like the Xmas decorations, so you can even try to decorate the Xmas tree by these pens :) We are joking, but this pen is really outstanding with sleek outlook that is aimed to be the best pen souvenir because it's able to cheer up your team or clients!


If you are looking not for an ordinary plain boring pen but for the remarkable and exceptional pens for the pharmaceutical industry, hotels, corporate office accessories, or give away gifts for big events, then you definitely should choose these vivid pens and surprise your guests, colleagues or clients!


The MOQ starts from 10 000 pcs, anodizing to almost any color, logo printing or laser engraving on your choice. Samples are available in stock


The price is $0.25 FOB China. 



color choices of anodized pens with logo imprintblue anodizing pen advertising