That's why we love borosilicate glassware

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That's why we love borosilicate glassware

We are happy to anounce that all the hard work we have been making in manufacturing of the various borosolicate glasses for our clients were combined to the one part of catalog of the borosilicate double wall glassware, where all the clients can choose the most liked styles of double wall glasses or teapots, jars or create any custom shaped borosilicate glassware.


Borosilicate glassware catalog can be viewed here


Some useful information we would like to share about this amazing glass:


Borosilicate glass is the unique material that is used in precise laboratory equipment. This glass is known for its superior durability, heat resistance and lightweight. It has very low coefficient of thermal expansion, which makes borosilicate glass much stronger than traditionally made glass.


Borosilicate glass has the ability to be exposed to two different temperatures at the same time from −20oC to +130oC (for safety reasons it is highly recommended that temperature difference does not exceed 150oC)


If ever broken, it won't shatter into small pieces, but it will tend to break into bigger pieces instead. It is microwave friendly, dishwasher safe, 100% recyclable, hypoallergenic, 100% lead-free and 100% BPA-free.


Our bespoke glassware is ready to serve at home, restaurants, bars, cafes. Every product can be customized, branded or made by client's design.