Advantages for crowdfunding projects

Special offer for inventors


It's very easy and very reasonable to start manufacturing in China. If you are the inventor of a new product that is in stage of preparation of manufacturing process, we will transform your idea into final product without a hassle.

Why should you turn to us


Because we are fully foreign company that work very professionally in China, debugging complex processes of ordering goods to the smallest details. Our skills and experience in design, production and materials technology allow us to manufacture various products, according to the strict specifications given by the client. You can be confident that in Canton Distribution Company you'll be understood in full.


What you get


Working with us, you will get a free and prompt responses on the production costs of requested products. With our assistance you will be able to make pilot product samples and afterwards launch batch manufacturing of goods much faster than it usually takes by working remotely with any of Chinese supplier. At your request, we will arrange deliveries to any countries you specify with lowest rates possible because we are official exporter with special prices of all courier services and main sea shipping lines. Also we can launch and establish distribution of your products in China Mainland market - the biggest market in the world.


Starting cooperation


We work with investment and venture capital funds, small businesses and crowdfunding projects. All we need to start cooperation is the finished project, sketch and clear specifications. Send us request of calculating the cost of a product and we will discuss every detail of the process.


Manufacturing Privacy


Cooperating with us, you can be fully confident in maintaining of copyright and commercial secrets of your product and its manufacturing process.  Because we sign the nondisclosure agreement with the factory and with the client. In the case of tight security we share manufacturing between several factories and take all the necessary precautions.


Canton Distribution guarantees European service in China