For Chinese Manufacturers

Beneficial cooperation and interests


We are working solely with foreign clients. We understand the needs of our customers and select only the most suitable products for the European, Middle East and American markets. Every day we get new requests to supply various types of products to many countries. That's why we are very experienced in Quality Standards in the particular countries and know fast delivery ways directly to the clients door. As we are the official licensed exporter in China, you will always get the best price for the shipping service.

What kind of goods we export?


Since we have own manufacturing service and specialize on the consumer goods manufacturing, we export goods that are made by us. At the same time, as we are the licensed trading company based in China that supplies many kind of goods made by other manufacturers under our quality control program.


Our export license allows us to work with a wide range of goods. We are the authorized distributor of food, medicines, machinery equipment, furniture, toys, electronics and batteries.


We ship different kind of goods directly to our clients. It is very convenient for the international trading business, because we can load containers with different types of goods and our clients would receive shipments from one supplier in a fast and trusted way without the need on searching or preparing the documents and licenses.


How do we choose vendors in China?


To eliminate risks of faults, we work only with experienced manufacturers with strong reputation on the market. We work under the contracts of production and delivery of products. All contracts and transactions are officially arranged in accordance with Chinese and international laws.


Working with us, you will be able to implement the potential of your company in manufacturing of the high quality products for direct foreign clients!