Custom Manufacturing

Develop your brand by making quality products in China!


By cooperating with us, you are choosing trustworthy and reliable manufacturer. We produce goods made by our own design and manufacturing products by design and specification of our clients.


The advantages


Custom made products have their incontestable advantages. Custom manufacturing is an opportunity to express your own imagination and make exclusive goods, equipment or promotional materials according to your drafts, prototypes or specifications. If you are ordering a factory model which already exists in Chinese market, it is possible to customize it by applying logo, create original packaging, change colors, make user guide in desired language, etc.


What products we make


We produce consumer goods: clothing and apparel, dishware and kitchenware, textiles and décor items, advertising products, gifts and souvenirs. Before placing a manufacturing order you can pick up some samples from our product catalog to ensure their excellent quality.


Manufacturing steps


The client sends us a 3D model, sketch or drawing of the desired product. If there is a prototype available, it would minimize failure probability and will noticeably shorten manufacturing time. Before the start of mass production, we fabricate a pilot version (a golden sample) of the product. After client approved and confirmed it, we will launch the batch production at once.

Shortest time


By working with our company you will save manufacturing time. Because we are located directly in China, steadily monitoring every production and shipping process step by step. We work only with reliable manufacturers and constantly keep in touch with the factories. In case of unforeseen situations, we learn about it first and take the necessary steps for the successful completion of the production process.


Privacy and Quality Guarantees


We work on the basis of international agreement, which contains all the terms of cooperation with customers and other manufacturers. We carefully treat copyrights of our clients and therefore firmly use all available ways of intellectual property rights reservation for all manufactured products.


Products manufacturing in China is very profitable if you know the right way! By constant cooperation with our company, you will achieve desired results and save precious time.