Purchase in China

Procurement in China


Plan the procurement in China competently, by cooperating with direct reliable supplier and exporter that will allow you to increase net profit, accelerate procurement speeds and have no risks with Canton Distribution Company.


You can optimize the processes of procurement of goods, minimize risks and establish a profitable trading business by cooperating with us. We don't purchase goods from the markets, but from direct manufacturers, always providing a warranty on all our products.

Procurement planning


While working with Chinese partners, you must plan procurement for 3 months ahead. For example, your company wants to put the products on the shelves in June, which means that ordering process must be started as soon as in March. In this case you'll receive the batch of goods in the scheduled time.


Send us an inquiry of the purchases and delivery services in China, so we will quote prices of a purchase and delivery costs.


Convenient payment and delivery


We accept almost all payment methods: SWIFT, VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay, Western Union, Skrill (MoneyGram), PayPal or cash. Depending on the batch volume we will offer the most cost effective way of delivery and take care of customs clearance.


Long-term cooperation and guarantees


Due to the careful planning and timely shipments, our customers like to work with us on a regular basis.
For overseas companies, long-term cooperation with the European company in China has its own advantages: the trust and confidence between client and supplier and of course the convenience for both sides to cooperate with the absence of stressful situations for business. And which is most important - is the clear understanding of the requirements of our every single client.


Fine details


We process all requests in detail, recommend the most quality products and keep track of manufacturing and shipment in a strictly scheduled time-frames. Be confident in professional competence of our team, please contact us regarding supply from China of electronics and components, household products, construction materials, toys, apparel and accessories, holiday and seasonal items, environment friendly products and recyclable items, food and Chinese medicines, promotional merchandise and furniture.


Plan purchases effectively, buy only best quality products and don't overpay on shipping. We are interested in successful business development and invite you for the long-term partnership!