Production Opportunities

Top quality products in the shortest time at the best price


You will be pleased with the result of cooperation, because we are the professional European team in China that knows the requirements of the western market to the quality of the manufactured goods.


Inexhaustible opportunities


Modern manufacturing is a great source of raw materials and a huge number of factories to choose. Here there is still cheap labor, but already advanced automated production processes and developed transport infrastructure that all together provide endless opportunities for the successful business development.


Manufacturing straight from the tin


The diversity of Chinese factories is a true paradise for creating unique products. We cooperate only with trusted manufacturers, which we've carefully selected and built relations for 10 years of working in China. We will implement the most daring business ideas of our customers in the shortest terms possible.


Individual production


Thanks to continuous collaboration with the inventors, designers and advertising agencies we gathered many unique products in our catalog. But under commercial and copyright agreements with our clients, we are not allowed to show on web site and distribute most of the manufactured products.

To be sure in decent quality of our products, you can purchase any available sample and organize production of your own goods.


Trusted partner in China


By working with our company, you will not waste precious time on numerous unscrupulous Chinese businessmen. Because we have the solution - it is our unique experience in the field of goods manufacturing. Our quality standards is the guarantee for your business success.


We make clients confident in manufacturing of the best products for the best price with prompt worldwide delivery!