Profitable Contracts

Get the lowest prices


All of us know that the best quotations and terms for any deal are possible when manufacturers tender for a supply. Announce a tender for Chinese factories and get the most beneficial terms of a deal!


While working in international trading business, we frequently see that even large companies only searching online for the best deals with Chinese suppliers. What if you really intend to make a large purchase from China, would this approach suit your needs?

How to search for good bargain prices


Foreign companies that are not familiar with Chinese manufacturing and internal features of the Chinese market could face some complex and risky tasks of choosing the reliable supplier. As for us, this is the ordinary scope of activity where we daily estimate dozens of factories, choosing the best conditions for cooperation.


To do this, we use several sources: the connection with the Association of Chinese manufacturers, our membership in Trading Missions and the Chamber of Commerce, proven online resources and updated databases of Chinese factories. We choose only the best option that will match both the price and manufacturing capabilities, company reputation and fast delivery.


Entrust the manufacturing process


We work quickly, using credible info sources, providing suggestions of manufacturers with proven track records only. We will prepare proposal with full information about the product, packaging data, manufacturing time and best shipping method to your destination.


How to apply for a tender


You need to make only 5 small steps in your brief inquiry:

  1. The name of the product
  2. Product specifications
  3. Design or photo of the product
  4. Desired order quantity
  5. Target delivery time 


From the tender to the manufacturing


If you completely satisfied with proposed conditions, we draw up a trilateral cooperation agreement, which coordinates all stages of production and delivery. You can be sure in reliability of the transaction, compliance with quality standards and delivery time.


By trusting professionals the selection of manufacturers, you will save time and will get a guarantee of manufacturing and delivery control on the best terms. This is the only way to run the successful international business!